“One day recently at a meeting with my colleagues on Teams, we were talking about what we miss most above going to the office. Several people remarked that they missed seeing my beautiful outfit every day. What a perfect complement for Amy and her amazing work! I would highly recommend Amy!”

– Z, Fabulous and incredibly comfortable executive

“During the pandemic, she hosted some insightful online workshops on how to create your best wardrobe by clearing out what does not serve you and understanding what does. It was a relief to have my closet finally cleaned out properly, it felt like I had a new wardrobe! It also motivated me to dress better which was difficult when I didn’t leave the house much.”

– Jessica, Real Estate Agent

“Over the past 3 years Style Method has put together a wardrobe that I actually love and all I have to do is show up and try clothing on. They deliver looks to my style board so everything is accessible on my phone. It’s amazing and easy.”

– Ben, Lawyer

“As a CEO of a design company and working mom, Amy’s services literally gave me back weeks of my life by reducing all shopping and outfit planning to spend 10 hours total a year. Best of all, I felt great and she is super fun to work with and know! Her service pays for itself in reduced/smart clothing spend, time savings and peace of mind.”

– Beth, CEO

“Transitioning into the “real world” and having to dress appropriately was overwhelming. I wanted to still feel like myself even in a professional environment. I just wanted a small work wardrobe that I could mix and match. I now have 50 looks to choose from everyday (right on my phone). Amy taught me how easy it is to create even more outfits restyling what we bought together.”

– Kayla, Work Force Newbie

“Amy is so adept at styling in the most flattering way and can adjust to any body type. I worked with Amy through both my pregnancies, post-partum and beyond. With each life stage and with varying budgets throughout those stages, Amy’s talent and knowledge of how best to shop for me and style me was amazing.”

– Sharon, Talented Lawyer

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