“Amy continues to help me find the best looks for my body-type and lifestyle while pushing my boundaries just enough to introduce me to styles and pieces I wouldn’t ever choose myself but end up LOVING. Since working with Amy, I love my wardrobe so much that I look forward to getting dressed in the morning.”

– Maggie, President

“I always look put-together and don’t have to devote any of my personal time to it. Now that they are completely virtual, my life has become even easier. My entire wardrobe and all outfits are on my phone so I never have to think about what to wear.”

– Mike, Business Owner

“Amy is TRULY amazing! She is an awesome person and so much fun to work with – she always has me laughing and feeling great about myself, which makes shopping and trying on clothes a blast. She is a style guru and has completely transformed my closet many times over.”

– Tracey, Cool Mom

“Shopping has always stressed me out, I hate it. And forget about actually putting cool looks together. Working with SMNYC taught me that there truly is a system to looking and feeling great. It made me feel confident and fabulous, 2 things I was never able to accomplish before.”

– Nicole, Multi-Tasking Mom

“I had spent years not loving shopping, feeling like I always bought the wrong things and never truly feeling like my outfits really represented me. Not to mention all of the money I wasted not loving my wardrobe. Working with SMNYC changed everything overnight. Now I actually wear everything I own and love it. No more money wasted, just money well-spent!”

– Danielle, Program Director

“I’m super busy and definitely don’t want to spend my free time in a store or even thinking about what to wear, but I want to look good! Now I just look at my style board on my phone everyday to decide what to wear. Every season I get a small refresh of new items my stylist Amy sends over to my home.”

– Dave, Executive

Sample Digital Wardrobes

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