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The Intro

The Intro is a 90-minute video session that gives you the tools to start your style journey.

The A La Carte

The A La Carte lets you choose individual style services to complement your personal needs. Peruse the Video Services and Digital Wardrobe selections.

The Custom

The Custom is a curated service program chosen by your stylist from the Video Services and Digital Wardrobe options. Seamlessly complete your stress-free image revamp!

What We Offer

  • By appointment sessions
    By appointment sessions
  • Closet Edit
    Closet Edit
  • Personal Shopping
    Personal Shopping
  • Custom Clothes
    Custom Clothes
  • Digital look books
    Digital look books
  • Digital shopping boards
    Digital shopping boards
  • Digital wardrobe management
    Digital wardrobe management
  • Video, email and phone support
    Video, email and phone support

Ready for confident, personalized style?

Complimentary Consultation

“I have been a loyal client of Amy for over 15 years, relying on her in-person styling services to make sure I always look fabulous in and out of the office. Since the pandemic started, we’ve continued our style sessions virtually using her new online closet system.”

– Amy, Finance Director

“My job requires very specific clothing which sometimes made it hard to look good. I was tired of wearing things that were good for work, but that I never would have chosen in real life. SMNYC was able to combine what I needed with what I liked so I finally was happy with my wardrobe. And the best part is that I was just along for the ride….”

– Max, Construction Manager

“I can’t recommend Amy strongly enough – from offering the ‘tough love’ you need to truly clean out your closet, to taking the time to understand your workplace (and life) and constructing a complete wardrobe to make it easy to feel great everyday. Amy has held my hand through thick and thin (literally) and always allowed me to feel stylish and put together.”

– Holly, Executive

“I had an awesome experience with Amy. She was helpful in pointing out which clothes no longer served my lifestyle and that I should let go of, and what I had that I should keep and breathe some new life into with different accessories, styling, etc. Plus, she was very conscious of pricing while shopping, which was important to me.”

– Amy Z, Stylish, Cool Mom

“I love working with Amy. She makes what used to be a dreaded task of what to wear a joy again. My closet has (mostly) what it needs and I can get dressed in a snap every day. Thank you for simplifying my routine!”

– Sarah, Food Truck Owner

Sample Digital Wardrobes