Digital Wardrobe

Access to your closet catalog, shoppable boards and look books from any device

“I love being a Dad but dressing like one was never something I wanted! Amy helped me to still “look cool” without buying a ton of clothing. It made my life easier and I felt good about the way I looked. She made it easy by putting outfits together and showed me how to mix it up and make new looks. Thanks Amy!”

– Brady, Dutiful Dad

“I LOVE my digital wardrobe and look books! It is perfect. I can easily see everything in one glance so it makes it easy to scroll through and find exactly what I’m looking for. I am SO happy with it!”

– Caitlin, Mom and Small Business Owner

“I have worked with Amy many times to style and shop. She is experienced, efficient, and connected plus we always have a great time! I recommend her to anyone whether you are looking for a complete wardrobe overhaul, just a few new pieces, or as an ongoing stylist through the seasons.”

– Natalie, Entrepreneur

“Amy Salinger is a wonderful stylist. She has really helped me figure out what to wear after having my 3rd baby and having size 4-14 in my closet. She gave helped me style myself appropriately for MY LIFESTYLE. Now I feel chic even when being “practical” as I chase a baby and two kids around! So happy with her styling!”

– Courtney, Interior Designer

“Amy is a very talented stylist! She helped me create a capsule wardrobe for a tricky international business trip at a moment’s notice. I had three countries and four different weather zones and needed to fit it all into a carry-on suitcase.”

– Brooke, High-End Toy Designer

Sample Digital Wardrobes

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