5 Easy Steps to Pack for a Weekend Trip

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Packing for a trip should not be hard. Stop having an anxiety attack every time you book a vacation. Below is 5 easy steps to pack for a weekend trip no matter how small or big the trip is. Warm weather, cold weather, doesn’t matter! Grab your suitcase and let your flight be the only thing you worry about.

NOTE: Below is a real client’s trip board. See the “real thing” by clicking here!


Step 1:

Write down your itinerary. What will you be doing? How many days are you gone? Include general activities and specific activities. This is the most important step when packing for any trip.

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Step 2:

Pull out staple items that can be used in multiple outfits. Include shoes and clothing. Note: You are only allowed 3-4 pairs of shoes depending on the size of your suitcase. Choose neutral options!  This step stops you from packing the kitchen sink for a weekend trip (or any trip!)

Step 3:

Take out items you specifically want to wear on this vacation. Go for a theme that highlights your destination. Have fun with this easy packing tip, just grab what you love.

Step 4:

Grab LOTS of accessories. These are easy to pack and instantly change up your look. Jewelry, sunglasses and hats are the easiest to squeeze in. Note: Stack hats in each other and stuff your undies in the middle. Lay flat in your suitcase and pack under/over to keep the hats in tact.

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Step 5:

Easy packing tip number five takes it home. Grab your itinerary and begin to create looks for each day only using what you have taken out. Be specific with what you will wear each day and take pictures. Once you are done, and only if you have room, you can throw in a “maybe” item to give you more options.

Day One:

Day Two:

Day Three:

Day Four:

Now you are an official packing expert. 5 easy steps to getting it all done (fabulously) without jumping off a cliff.

What’s that? You still don’t have the time and want an expert to step in? Style Method™ is here to save the day. Check out a real client’s trip board here!



Schedule a video call with your StyleMethod stylist to discuss your trip itinerary.


Your stylist puts together a “trip board” for you to access on any device. This includes all of the items you need to pack by category followed by looks for each day.


Pack up your items knowing you have completely styled fabulous looks for every day and occasion. Worry about your flight, NOT your wardrobe!

Your time invested: 30 minutes

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