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Looking good is important. Feeling good is more important. Would you like your “inner self” to match your “outer self?” What if you could have it all without stress and the anxiety of “getting it wrong”? You can. At Style Method NYC the first question we ask all new clients is why they decided to hire a stylist. Although we have definitely heard it all , here are 10 great reasons to hire a stylist:

1. You suffer from “I have nothing to wear” syndrome.

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This is the number one thing we hear from new clients at Style Method NYC. You open your closet, clothing falls out there is so much and yet the first thing you say is, “I have nothing to wear.” How is that possible?

How much of your wardrobe do you actually wear? 75%? Even 50%? Would you like to wear 100% of your clothing? At Style Method NYC we teach you to own less, style more. The concept is simple. Only own things you absolutely love, make sure that your wardrobe truly fits your lifestyle and then you will have the ability to mix and match endlessly. Never say, “these pants go with this top” again. Everything goes with everything. Outfits for days! That’s right, you can create outfits from your closet without shopping ALL the time.

2. You are in a style rut.

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We all go through it! Your look has become a repeated uniform of the same styles and brands over and over. I bet you buy the same thing in a million colors just because you “know it works”. Stop the madness. Style Method NYC will introduce you to new brands and silhouettes that you would “never have even tried on”. To get started, take our style quiz (when you sign up for our awesome newsletter) to help figure out your real style. Welcome to the new (and authentically confident) you. Another great reason to hire a stylist!

3. You say, “I HATE clothes shopping.”

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The number 3 reason to hire a stylist is one of the top complaints from most of our clients. It just isn’t your thing, we get it. Guess what that makes Style Method NYC? Your new best friend because we do it for you. We assess your personality, body type, lifestyle and budget to buy the right things for you the first time. No more wasting your your precious free time buying and returning stuff. Or worse yet, keeping something you don’t love because you don’t feel like doing it all over again. Sure, you could get a subscription box, but is Stitch Fix really worth it when you return most of it because they don’t “get you”?

4. You hate the question, “What is my body type?”

One of the most important things to understand when shopping and styling is knowing your REAL shape. At Style Method NYC we consider understanding your body type the top reason to hire a stylist. The first step to doing this is accepting your real shape (not the size you want to be). The size on the tag in an article of clothing is arbitrary, do not base your decisions on this. You can range up to 3 different sizes based on the designer! When you dress for your true size you actually “lose 5 pounds” fast! Tons of clients come back with the same reaction to their new look, “did you lose weight?” Nope, just wearing the right size clothing (finally).

5. Subscription boxes don’t work for you.

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Stitch Fix, Trunk Club and Rent the Runway all have monthly programs to either buy or rent clothing delivered directly to your doorstep. You fill out an assessment form, chat with “your” stylist and voila, you are restyled! All true and yes, this does work for some people. That is if you keep the clothing sent to you. So, is Stitch Fix worth it? That depends on what you are looking for. The reason people hire a stylist is because it is a much more personalized service. Style Method NYC’s goal is to understand who you truly are and develop a wardrobe based on fashion AND function.  And we are a completely virtual styling experience which makes it even easier! We combine your lifestyle, body type and budget to get it right the first time. We are here to define your style with minimal effort and maximal stylishness!

6. You want to know how to define your style.

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This is one of the top reasons why people hire a stylist. You don’t feel like your outside matches your inside. Basically, how do you translate who you truly are into a confident and authentic wardrobe? The formula is simple: Personality + Lifestyle + Budget + Body Type = YOUR style. Need help figuring it out? Take our personal style quiz and start showing off the real (and awesomely stylish) you. 

7. You want to stop spending money on clothes you don’t wear.

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How many items in your closet still have tags on them? How many of them have you worn only once? They say most people wear 20% of their closet 80% of the time. That means that you are literally fighting your own closet (and beating yourself up for “bad” purchases everyday. Is this good for your psyche (or wallet)? We think not. At Style Method NYC we take simple steps to have you wearing 100% of your wardrobe and loving every single thing in your closet. We not only purchase “the right” things based on your current wardrobe, but we also help you create outfits from your closet without shopping. Yes, the dream is real (when you hire a stylist).

8. You don’t want to spend your free time shopping and styling.

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That’s why Style Method NYC does it for you. Having your personal time back is why people hire a stylist. The time commitment from clients is minimal and the results are maximal. Remember, this is a totally personalized experience so we do all the heavy lifting for you. We define your personal style, purchase items based on YOUR needs and style outfits presenting you with digital look books. That’s right, you wake up and flip through amazing outfits on any device to decide what you want to wear that day. It’s really that simple.

9. A life is in transition can mean your wardrobe doesn’t work anymore.

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At Style Method NYC we understand that life is ever-evolving and your wardrobe should be too. Some of the top reasons we see clients include weight loss, weight gain, new mom, new job, dating again, and beyond.  No matter what comes your way, looking and feeling good should always be paramount. The time to change your style and love your wardrobe is now. Our personal style methodology is a system that should be used with any major transition. Life changes, why should your look stay the same? Remember that looking your best no matter where you are at in life will change your mood in an instant. Don’t wait for a reason to feel great, the reason to hire a stylist is that you want to feel great NOW!

10. It’s time to dress for the job you want.

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It’s a famous phrase because it’s true. It is scientifically proven that people make decisions about you in the first 7 seconds they meet you. The way you look can help land that big promotion. It can get you the sought-after investor meeting. Branding yourself with successful style is real and it works. At Style Method NYC we understand that because being a bad-ass means looking stylish, confident and authentic. And who has time to build a new wardrobe when they are busy being a bad-ass? At Style Method NYC, we understand you hire a stylist to get it right the first time.

So, are 10 reasons to hire a stylist enough? The real question is, are you ready to absolutely love your look, be confident in your style, stop wasting money on the wrong things and never say, “I have nothing to wear” again? I would love to hear about which of the 10 great reasons to hire a stylist stands out the most to you. Why do you want to hire a stylist? And of course share this with anyone you think needs a little wardrobe love in their life. At Style Method NYC we have heard a million reasons why people hire us, but we wanted to give you our top 10!

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